Inside, light, always let people, deep but very short, gorgeous but fleeting Can not help but think of fireworks, with the pain of broken bones to complete the bloom, is a kind of, is also a kind of beauty. What suddenly touches the hidden scenery, otherwise how can we laugh at the previous moment, but this moment? Immersed in the years, used to silent, used to pass by, also used to each other. It's just that, inevitably, I will occasionally miss some place, some people and some things. It has to be said that sometimes it's really ironic. When we have agreed to go with each other all the way, we have agreed to go to the mayday concert together. In any case, we can't leave each other behind. We dare not even ask "what's good" again, and then we will walk away somehow A turn around, is the mountains and rivers, each well; a parting, is the sky and highlands far away, no news, the true response to the sentence "a parting is a lifetime", or even several lives. In order to realize the dream that only I can remember, I went to see a mayday concert. A Xin said: "if the end of the world, you can only make the last call, who will you call?" Without any thinking, that person appeared in my mind, like always in the same way, smile, appear in front of me, reach out, but it is also a mirror, see flowers in the fog, far away. I don't know. I laugh. Some people, like bad habits, can't quit or change. I thought I could forget it completely, I thought I could drift away with the wind, I thought I could